Find Your Chamber Page Domain Name

18 Jan
NameNinja is a domain brainstorming tool that can help you find good domain names based on what people are actually searching for.

We tap into popular searches provided by the major search engines and check to see if they are available or taken or perhaps available for sale by current owners. For example, if you go to and start typing in the search box you’ll notice a drop-down indicating popular search phrases as you type. We use that same functionality and let you know if the domain is available or not.

It’s About Exact Match Domains — But Who Cares?

You should! Search for “credit cards” on Google and you’ll see as the top result. Okay, they also put a ton of time and energy into their site but their exact match gives them a boost. And of course, they get direct type-in traffic as well. wrote a nice little piece about the value of exact match domains listing 5 compelling reasons to consider them for your portfolio or brand. Among the reasons were type-in traffic, boost in search engine ranking and a certain sense of authority in your field in having the domain that matches exactly what the internet user is looking for.

Soon you’ll be able to input the keywords you see in your analytics data to see which of those terms or phrases are available as an exact match domain for purchase.




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